ELEVATE! Phonics Featuring Katie Garner & Mr. Greg

Join us for this virtual event as we take a deep dive into phonics. In this event, you'll learn how Secret Stories®, TKS Bootcamp® and Sight Word 60© will help you take your phonics instruction to new heights.

You'll receive immediate access to 2 sessions by Katie, where she will detail how to use Secret Stories® in your classroom.  PLUS 3 sessions by Mr. Greg on how TKS Bootcamp® and Sight Word 60® can be used along side Secret Stories® for the ULTIMATE in phonics instruction. 

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Secret Stories®  by Katie Garner

A multisensory phonics approach in the science of reading. We are honored to have Katie joining us for ELEVATE! Phonics. She's going to help you how to take away powerful "backdoor" teaching tools that will leave you armed and ready for Monday morning!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Secret Stories®. you can also learn more by joining her Facebook Group, CLICK HERE. Be sure to come back here though, to register for the virtual event to learn how to maximize the benefits of Secret Stories®!

TKS Bootcamp® and Sight Word 60® by Mr. Greg

Mr. Greg will lead you through 3 sessions focusing on how TKS Bootcamp® and Sight Word 60® work with Secret Stories® to take your phonics instruction to new heights. 

Conference Sessions

Below Is a Breakdown of the Sessions Included in This Event. 

These sessions are a deep dive into phonics! Katie and Mr. Greg will take you on a journey into what has been proven to help your students master letters, sounds and all those phonics rules. You'll take away powerful "backdoor" teaching tools that will leave you armed and ready for Monday morning!


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By Katie Garner

Too many Letters, Too Many Sounds, Too Many Phonics Rules.... Too Little TIME!

In this session, you'll learn how to use brain science as a roadmap to fast-track phonics for reading. Did you know that the brain has a backdoor for accelerated learning that is easily hacked into? Using brain science as a roadmap, discover how to fast-track phonics skills fo sneaking them through the brain's backdoor!







By Katie Garner Continued...

Too Many Letters, Too Many Sounds, Too Many Phonics Rules....Too Little TIME!

Explore early-developing and already primed social-emotional "superhighways" for learning that transform hard phonics skills into child's play, and take away powerful "backdoor" teaching tools that will leave you armed and ready for Monday morning!






By Mr. Greg

ABC Bootcamp In The Classroom

What if we said you could have 80% mastery of letters & sounds in only 26 days? With ABC Bootcamp, you CAN!! this session walks you through how to implement and use ABC Bootcamp in your classroom. You'll be amazed at how easy it can be implemented in your classroom using whole-group and small-group instruction or as an intervention tool. We will show you how each component of ABC Bootcamp is used to effectively and efficiently "drive home" letter & sound mastery. 



By Mr. Greg

TKS Bootcamp In The Classroom

Learn how TKS Bootcamp will increase your student's phonics reading and math skills in a rigorous, engaging & hands-on environment. 

This session highlights the TKS Bootcamp Math & Literacy Curriculum and walks you through each component of our research-based resource. Mr. Greg shows you how to make it work in YOUR classroom! The 9 components are: ABC, Blends, Word Families, Vowels, Vowel Teams, Numbers, Shapes, Addition & Subtraction.


By Mr. Greg

Sight Word 60© Routine

In this session, Mr. Greg will walk you through a5 day, research-based approach to learning sight words, known as Sight Word 60© This routine takes just a few minutes each day and uses repetition, multiple learning strategies, and learning modalities to reach all learners. Students will read the words, write the words and use phonics skills to learn the sight words. 

Sight Word 60© works with any sight word list and it works no matter how many words your students are required to master. You can modify the pacing to fit your students, schedules, and/or the number of words, but here is the pacing we follow with a requirement of 100 words. It’s a great place to start and adapt as needed for your classroom.


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